About Us

Boston Omaha Corporation is a public company with businesses engaged in several sectors, including advertising, insurance, and real estate. The company's principal objective is to grow intrinsic value per share at an attractive rate, while seeking to maintain a strong financial position.


Executive Management

Adam K. Peterson - Co-Chief Executive Officer

Alex B. Rozek - Co-Chief Executive Officer

Josh P. Weisenburger - Chief Financial Officer

Board of Directors

Adam K. Peterson - Co-Chairperson of the Board

Alex B. Rozek - Co-Chairperson of the Board 

Brendan J. Keating - Manager and CEO of Logic Commercial Real Estate, LLC

Bradford B. Briner - Co-Chief Investment Officer at Willett Advisors, LLC

Frank H. Kenan II - Co-Founder and Principal of KD Capital Management, LLC

Vishnu Srinivasan - Director at Pritzker Family Foundations